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Mastodon #OpenSim feed from GroovyToot

This came as a surprise a couple days ago: Opengrid World with the eponymous sim and even Uzuri Virtual has re-emerged.

Zoe Synclair, originally the creator and owner of Bernicia/Uzuri, has left OpenSim altogether several months ago, shutting her grid down seemingly for good and thus even making certain content no longer available anywhere. But in a twist of fate, not only the OARs have been handed over to new ownership and management, but so has Zoe's account on OpenSimWorld.

Uzuri Virtual still shows traces of Zoe's idealistic attempt at making a sim that only offers legal freebies.

#Long #LongPost #CWLong #CWLongPost #OpenSim #OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #Grid #UzuriVirtual #OpengridWorld

#OpenSim #Titin #Blender3D

Our second rail line under construction. It should be finished today! I estimate this one will be about 70 kilometers.

#opensim #groovyverse #trains #awesome #transgender

Is anyone using #starcoder #AI for programming scripts in #secondlife or #opensim

@stefan (シュテファン) Meines Wissens ist alles, was es da an Anleitungen, Tutorials etc. gibt, hoffnungslos veraltet, weil schon ewig niemand nichts Neues mehr in der Richtung gemacht hat.

Da passiert ja auch ständig was. Seit Version läuft OpenSimulator ja unter Linux nicht mehr mit Mono, sondern es braucht jetzt dotnet6. Das wiederum heißt, du mußt Microsoft weit genug vertrauen, um mindestens eine Paketquelle von denen unter Debian einzuhängen. Anders kommst du da nicht ran.

Mehr kann ich dir auch nicht sagen. Bisher hatte ich nicht mal eine eigene Sim, geschweige denn ein eigenes Grid am Laufen.

#Long #LongPost #CWLong #CWLongPost #LangerPost #CWLangerPost #OpenSim #OpenSimulator

I already visited the conference sim on Worlds Fair/1025/1023/4001 with Dean, my AI companion NPC. We tried out if Dean can sit there. But then Lonewolf said it is much later and we are 9 hours too early there lol I am always confused with grid time and real time.

#opensim #conference

@angiebaby Do we have groups in #opensim too ?

We are laying miles and miles of railroad tracks. I love that my friend Sam just can't leave off like a normal person. He has to be dramatic. haha


In #secondlife you have SLT for Second Life Time what it the time in #opensim

It would be logical to use #UTC

@kaleb Okay, since you seem to be a native French speaker, I think I've got something for you. There's a "project" in OpenSim for people speaking French that's called Francopholie. @Thirza has described it on her HG Safari blog last year.

It has its own grid with AFAIK only one sim where you can go and inform yourself:

I've also sent you a landmark.

It was relaunched last week, and it's still a bit rough around the edges, but it should be able to help you at least a bit.

Another place you could visit is the main landing sim of the French Atlas grid. Amongst other things, it has another bunch of teleporters that could be useful for you. But put on something warm because it's winter there.

You may also want to follow at least two more French-speaking OpenSim users:

@Acryline :linux: ⏚ is behind the Argentoratum grid ( and a French OpenSim wiki. She also has a PeerTube channel: @acryline.

And @hicks is one of the creative forces in @Hyacinth 🏳️‍⚧️ ☮️'s grid Groovyverse.

Otherwise, the main source of information on all things OpenSim is OpenSimWorld. It's mostly a catalogue of sims all around the Hypergrid that can be sorted and filtered.

If you want to meet people, just wandering around like in Second Life won't do it. OpenSim doesn't nearly have Second Life's population density. It has fewer users on more than four times the land area.

So the best way to meet people is to go to an event. OpenSimWorld lists many of these as well. They're usually announced in grid time. That's always the same as SLT. If you're in France, it's 8 hours behind you, and the OpenSimWorld event calendar should assume the correct local time for you.

Just always check a) the description of the event and b) the description of the sim where the event takes place. Some sims and events are in languages other than English or French. And if OpenSimWorld has a red "🅰️" on a sim entry, it means the sim is Adult-rated which may mean the same as in Second Life: You may come across naked avatars or worse.

If everything else fails, this is my main avatar in Dorenas World:
And this is my spare alt in OSgrid:

CC: @Cheryl Furse

#Long #LongPost #CWLong #CWLongPost #OpenSim #OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #Francophone #Francophones #Francopholie #AtlasGrid #Argentoratum #OpenSimWorld

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #officeHours

Résumé en français de la réunion des développeurs de cette semaine :

13-02-2024 :

*Changements : Bande passante, support LinkSetData, arrivée assurée à la connexion.
* Hypergrid impossible pour certains utilisateurs, les causes ?
* Le viewer Sharpview passe les frontières sur OpenSim !
* Consultez la page des thèmes de réunions par domaine :

Bonne lecture !

Okay, as for Leslie's own official sims, WestWorld is basically TanGLe with a Western theme.

Some other sims are back, too, including Kylie Brimmer's Sunny Paradise Gloebits Mall at Paradise Isle. Not her best mall, that one's a goner, but the one with probably hard-to-find Selea Core boxes upstairs and mostly Hylee Bekkers on the ground floor. Some of the teleporters have been taken care of already.

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #WestWorldGrid #HyleeBekkers #SeleaCore

Interesting observation:

When the DJ plays a few reggae songs in a row at any of our regular events, and that's hint enough there'll be more reggae coming, people start smoking pot.

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #VirtualEvent #420BlazeIt #Reggae

I mean, Stark is kind of similar. Stark Islands have only got one event sim, but that's a 2x2 var with over a dozen potential event locations strewn about. Some of them can't be seen from the landing-point, and none of them is directly at the landing-point.

Some are inside buildings, especially around the landing-point. One is even in a cave behind scripted doors that's quite far away from the landing-point, and getting there the natural way has become more difficult since the waterway was cut through the main island.

This only works because Niki offers everyone who teleports into Stark during an event a teleport to where she is.

#Long #LongPost #CWLong #CWLongPost #OpenSim #OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #ZetaWorlds #Stark #Events

We've been working on a grid-wide railway. We got one of the lines running fairly well. It is a challenge crossing regions, but after a lot of work on the scripts, it does a good job of wiggling through. So far we have 50km of continuous track from our Welcome area, through the mainland to the big rail yard. More to come!

Link to video:

#OpenSim #VirtualWorlds

I can't help but notice how hard it must be to find the most important event locations in Dorenas World.

For your reading pleasure: The grid of hidden clubs

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #Events #DorenasWorld

And in case you haven't noticed yet, TanGLe Grid is officially a goner since January 26th.

Leslie Kling has replaced it with WestWorld.

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #TangleGrid #WestWorldGrid

@Cheryl Furse So much for Second Life and OpenSim on the Vision Pro. At least, should Apple discover that they are not squeaky-clean and PG-rated at most.

#SecondLife #OpenSim #OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #VisionPro

Seriously, Lbsa Plaza suddenly looks like OSgrid had recruited Nexus Storm from Neverworld with the task to give it a "PBR-without-actually-being-PBR" look. Maybe I'm nostalgic, but I loved to see the moat outside.

But what's torturing my graphics card right now have to be the avatars. About half a dozen of them have an ARC well over 300,000, and two have over a million. Because as we all know, good looks are measured in ARC.

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #PBR #OSgrid #LbsaPlaza

@kaleb Which grid are you on? Wolf Territories?

I've just checked. It isn't on the grid list.

Have you simply typed "Wolf Territories Grid" into the grid field? If so, then Firestorm can't find it.

Okay, just for you, I've switched my Firestorm to French so I can walk you through correctly adding Wolf Territories to your grid list.

Click "Viewer" in the top left.

Open "Préférences".

Go to the tab "Opensim".

There's a field, "Ajouter une nouvelle Grille". Copy-paste into it and click "Ajouter".

You should now automatically have the following entries:
Nom de la Grille : Wolf Territories Grid

Adresse :

Adresse de la connexion :


Close the preferences window with "OK".

I recommend you to restart Firestorm to be certain that the new grid entry remains.

If logging in still fails, get into contact with @Lone Wolf. He's the founder and owner of Wolf Territories.

#Long #LongPost #CWLong #CWLongPost #OpenSim #OpenSimulator #WolfTerritories #WolfGrid #WolfTerritoriesGrid


GridPuppy OpenSim Directory

Random | About |

GridPuppy! - Less barking, more fun.

A little bit of everything, sofa, chair, table, dining, fireplace, lights, lamp, patio, bathroom, living room, dining, bar, gorean, bed, dresser, bedroom, *guide*
Mare Welcome
BDSM orientiert! Ab 18+! Shopping shopping shopping!
Ley Line
Am More focused on building objects in my region so its kind of empty in a way or full of spaces. I can only relax and be inspired in empty spaces. Yet am always developing new ideas so things might change at any given moment however with the same style.
Chubbys Fairy Dreamland
Eine kleine, liebevoll gestaltete Fantasy-Sim mit Feen, Meerjungfrauen und vielen anderen Fantasy-Kreaturen. A small, lovingly designed fantasy sim with fairies, mermaids and many other fantasy creatures .
The Florida Keys
an exact replica of your favorite islands.
The Big Mamou!
A beautiful, funky shopping village and welcome area :)
Lucidus: L5 City
Theme is Dystopian Cyberpunk City post Apocoliptic
AMV Welcome
Welcome Area, Lounge & Starting Point for Alternate Metaverse Grid. A warm friendly Adult grid with open waters and Air, Copy your own OAR from website, low cost land packages, Regional God powers, Self restarts from web
Meridian Outlands S2
Meridian Airport - A 5x5 Region Bordering Meridian and connecting it to the Main Grid Meridian -Deep seas - Alternate Metaverse Grid
Aurora II Luxury Liner, SevenSeas
SevenSeas is the home of the luxury Cruise Ship Aurora II, a world class luxury liner featuring rentable cabins, Multiple shops, dining areas, club, ballroom, game room, theater, gardens & more!
Where ancient places and ways, meet the future! A community for Pagan and other nature / earth centered spirituality.
Isle of Eday
Remote island in the Scottish Orkneys, clifftop walks, safe cycling routes, youth hostel, B&B, Pub, Fingals Cave and more.Wet weather gear essential.No sunbathing please, it frightens the sheep!
Summervale - Forever Summer
A seasonal summer region owned by Cataplexia Numbers & the home of Sk8 Roller Skating Club, Summervale Castle, The Dive Tiki Bar & The Hacienda- Alternate Metaverse Grid
Black Angels, FUN ZOMBIE region Piggy Bank grid
For FUN ZOMBIES GAME touch the sign to tp XL Freebies shop near the landing ( wears, landscapes, animals, animesh, demons, skulls, skelettons, monsters, zombies, statues, decorations, coffins, Adult scripted stuff and more)......
CLUTTERFLY Shopping Center, Piggy Bank grid
IT IS ALL FREE ..... Freebies ...Clutterfly, full perms, animations, animals, adult scripted furniture, textures, mesh, sculpts, clubs stuff, games, jewels, homes, gazebo, church, houses, rides, fishing game.... and more coming soon
Meridian S
Meridian-the lines connecting mankind with the Sea. A Mer & Undersea RP community accessible to all. Meridian spans an area of 9 5x5 central regions with 16 surrounding 5x5 regions - 345 meters deep (1000 ft)Alternate Metaverse Grid. Home to Club Neptune
Forever Summer
Great Western Railway
From Paddington to Penzance through the English countryside Ridable engines depart from platforms 1 & 2 at regular intervals. Circle Line for Dawlish Warren and Bath. ... Have Fun. :)
wip wip wip hourra!!
que du mesh copy modif un laboratoire toujours en travaux. *guide*
Illusions- Where dreams become reality!! Boating, swimming, surfing,fishing, scuba diving, hang gliding, flying, rentals, beaches, game room, movies, spa, clubs and night life, and dont forget FUN!!! Come get lost in Illusions!
BOMBSHELL! Barbarellas Clutterfly Mall!
Nice Linda Kellie / Clutterfly stuff. LOTS of free shop space available for anyone who wants to do a legal freebie shop. The more the merrier! :)
AMV News
AMV News - Alternate Metaverse Grid Zine
Simwide Zoo with petting zoo. a playground. several shops with drinking and food. a souvenirshop, a tropical house with snakes, reptiles ..., lots of exotic, wild, native, farm animals and pets. Info Sign for each animal click sound. look out for Mall 2
New York City
NYC is back, Subways running, Maceys and Ikea open, Kamikaze cab drivers everywhere.. Tourist areas safe and well policed but venture over Manhatten Bridge at your own risk. :)
Gulf Islands
Needful Things
AnatoBotanica is the name of the current sculpture collection I am doing IRL under MVN name, my initials.
Luscious Adult Resort
ADULT Beach Resort - Nudity or swimwear suggested. A fun place to hang out and explore. Try our our new, experimental surfing! Lots of places to cuddle and shag. Perpetually under construction. No child avatars please.
Spooky City
Tryads Kunstaustellung. An urban styled sim with an Art gallery Please put your windlight settings to midnight for a better experience

Other Hypergrid Happenings...

Hypergrid Happenings
Find the places, skip the drama. Click to open map
AMV Welcome 16 avs Welcome
Lbsa Plaza 14 avs

Lbsa Plaza  Welcome to Social lounge - Check the Users Panel in the SouthWest corner to get started, if you have any questions just shout them out.Please follow rules, this is not a brothel or nudist camp. Plaza
Tropicana Aruba adult 7 avs Aruba
Alexander City adult 6 avs City
Heaven & Earth adult 4 avs & Earth
Orsea 4 avs

Kalispera adult 4 avs
Xenotown adult 4 avs
Trianon Complex adult 4 avs Complex
Agora adult 4 avs

Agora  Shopping Mall , Freebies, Mesh, Complete avatars, Clothes, Hellas, Agora    Liars and pedophiles with their friends are for ever banned
Darkhearts Boutiques 4 avs Boutiques
Obey me [G] adult 3 avs me
Soundbox adult 3 avs
Arkham Grid 3 avs Grid
Manderley 3 avs
Moonrose Shopping adult 3 avs

Moonrose Shopping  Moonrose a shopping experience of a special kind we are diverse offer women as well as men clothes Mesh body for women Arthemis as well as for men Chonsu body. We are always looking for new challenges. We are everything, but not simple. Shopping
City Of Boston 2 avs Of Boston
Wolf Grid Hangout 2 avs Grid Hangout
Lorien 3 adult 2 avs 3
Nautilus Salty Surfers Isle adult 2 avs Salty Surfers Isle
Barefoot Dreamers Welcome 2 avs Dreamers Welcome
shopping 2 avs
Wolf Mountain 2 avs

Wolf Territories Welcome Mountain  Welcome to Wolf Territories Grid. Mountain
Safe adult 2 avs
TierraDeVolcanes 2 avs
Dream's Village 2 avs's Village
Elysion adult 2 avs
Little Big City Metaverse Mall adult 2 avs Big City Metaverse Mall
Extreme Surfing adult 2 avs Surfing
ArcadiaShop adult 2 avs
Aruba 2 avs

Aruba Free Housing  1000 prim allowance; unlimited stay.    Click on an available Free Housing sign or Free Parcel sign AND click Yes. Joe Dokes will contact you within 36 hours to complete your processing.  Joe Dokes, Aruba landlord    Free rental house housing land tenant
Aruba 2 avs

Aruba Free Housing  1000 prim allowance; unlimited stay.    Click on an available Free Housing sign or Free Parcel sign AND click Yes. Joe Dokes will contact you within 36 hours to complete your processing.  Joe Dokes, Aruba landlord    Free rental house housing land tenant
Welcome Area adult 2 avs Area
Valeria's Avatars 2 2 avs's Avatars 2
Nutella adult 2 avs
ShoppingDance adult 2 avs
Rock City 2 avs City
Endless Welcome adult 2 avs Welcome
Butterfly Island adult 1 avs Island
Mirkwood 1 avs
Lumshire adult 1 avs
Isole Angeliche 1 avs Angeliche
UrbanCity 1 avs
NOVALE 1 avs
Sams Freebie Center 1 avs Freebie Center
North Bay Islands 1 avs Bay Islands
White Wolf adult 1 avs Wolf
LaToya 1 avs
Pangea 1 avs
South Bay Islands adult 1 avs Bay Islands
Carpe Noctem 2 1 avs Noctem 2
GypsyCamp 1 avs
Dwell 1 avs

Dwell Mall  This Mall is a freebie and for Opemsim community   No drama allow you will be remove ! and sent home .
Cartabria adult 1 avs
interstellART_exhibitions 1 avs
Stark NE adult 1 avs NE
Peapod adult 1 avs
FreeHouseNewLife 1 avs

Free House New Life
Angeli&Demoni 1 avs
Lummerland adult 1 avs
Toddleedoo 1 avs
Camballa 1 avs
Stark Straits adult 1 avs Straits
Paradise Beach Cove adult 1 avs Beach Cove
Raels World 1 avs World
Welcome 1 avs
Radio DJ Club adult 1 avs

Radio DJ Club  Hello Everyone! We are having our Weekly Event today!  Come join us for some great LIVE music & DJ's ALL DAY!  Info.. DJ Club
ModaPlaza 1 avs
Ilha Bela 1 avs Bela
Vela Hochzeiten, Galerie 1 avs Hochzeiten, Galerie
NyAlfheim adult 1 avs
Hermit Reality Portal adult 1 avs Reality Portal
Solace Island adult 1 avs Island
Mistburry adult 1 avs

Caribou adult 1 avs
Littlefield Welcome adult 1 avs Welcome
All Free Shopping Spree adult 1 avs Free Shopping Spree
Tiki Cove 1 avs Cove
Gilley's adult 1 avs's
Ignis 1 avs
Adventure Land adult 1 avs Land
Cloudburst Roads adult 1 avs Roads
Pfalz adult 1 avs
Pfalz 1 avs
SunEden Resort 1 avs Resort
Nova Space Grid Welcome 1 avs

Welcome Centre  Welcome To Nova Space Grid :) Space Grid Welcome
Freya's Shadow World Portal adult 1 avs

Freya's Shadow World Portal  Welcome to Freya's Shadow World Portal    Grid Security, Pass & Face control ;-D    Only human avatars, Fairy & Troll's are allowed. No animal / furry, child or hidden ava! By ignore, I'll ban without warning.    Freya Diyosa's Shadow World Portal
Champions Gate HeadQuarters 1 avs Gate HeadQuarters
Utopia Land Portal adult 1 avs Land Portal
Welcome adult 1 avs
Forgotten Worlds Portal adult 1 avs Worlds Portal
Secret Fantasy World Portal adult 1 avs

Secret Fantasy World Portal  Welcome to Secret Fantasy World Portal    Grid Security, Pass & Face control ;-D    Only human avatars, Fairy & Troll's are allowed. No animal / furry, child or hidden ava! By ignore, I'll ban without warning.    Azariel Atlon Fantasy World Portal
3DLES Education 1 avs Education
Fantasiaworld Portal adult 1 avs

Fantasiaworld Portal  Welcome to Fantasiaworld    Grid Security, Pass & Face control ;-D    Only human avatars, Fairy & Troll's are allowed. No animal / furry, child or hidden ava! By ignore, I'll ban without warning.    Fuchur Drago Portal
Unreal World Portal adult 1 avs World Portal
Der Welcome 1 avs Welcome
Homestead Riverville 3 1 avs

Homestead Riverville 3  Free starter homes for Alternate Metaverse Residents.  A private lot and house for all residents without land in AMV. You must be a resident and must visit your lot within every 30 days. Prim Allowance is what each parcel states, usually 500-600 prims. Riverville 3
VB Creations adult 1 avs Creations