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Status: Still groovin! 👍
In-world now: 5
Total Local Users: 164
Unique 30d Active Users: 525
Total Regions: 8201 (standard 256m)
Land ownership: 69% of users
Region ownership: 20% of users

Currently popular regions
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Waponi Deep
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Shared videos of our world

-Surfing under the pier
-Promotional video (draft)
-Railroad adventures 2
-Fashion Diva - Inner Oprah Dress at Hyacinth's Shop-
-Walk through of LateBloomers Flower Shop :)
-Wakanda Wanderings

A short trip around a small part of Wakanda lands created by Souzz

-DJ Hyacinth Intro
-Gallery 3

Just Gallery 3 ..advanced lighting is a must

-ReadyPlayerMe Converter

I wrote this tonight.

-The boat locks in action
-Party at Damn Skippy

Made by Roffellos Kisses

-Building a simple house in Open Simulator
-Railroad adventures 1
-Evil mist teleports you boat and all, to parts unknown!
-Surfing 2
-Our really cool finished basement

This is a project I am working on in RL. We plan to finish part of our basement into a really cool common room for the condo unit owners in our building.

-A Highland Race

Racing Samsara around the Isle of Eday ..a great place to wander

-Home brewed
-Working boat locks!
-Our first shared service with Unitarian Universalist Church of Manchester NH

Shared snapshots from our residents!

Mastodon #OpenSim feed from GroovyToot

#genesisrpgrid is getting bigger and better in #opensim https://hgsafari.blogspot.com/2024/07/genesis-evolving.html #hypergrid

#OpenSim #OfficeHours

Résumé de la réunion des développeurs d'OpenSim de la semaine : https://cogito.no-ip.info/cogito/OSWiki/index.php/R%C3%A9union_du_09-07-2024

* Changements de code : permissions, ajout de llGetNotecardLineSync, limitation des mises à jour des agents.

* Module de carte
* Module d'argent
* Vitesse des NPC
* Physique et varregions.

Vous pouvez aussi visiter la page des sujets traités dans les réunions triées par domaine ici :

J'ai bientôt terminé le résumé de la réunion de la semaine... plus que 80 lignes.

Cette semaine ils ont dit plein de choses compliquées. Dur dur mon cerveau explose !

Dès que c'est terminé je fais un pouet.

J'ai quand même bien ri. Quelqu'un a sorti un module d'argent ce qui a provoqué ce petit échange :
-- OpenSim ne touche pas aux systèmes pyramidaux ... choses cryto.
-- C'est peut-être pour cela que la caisse d'OpenSin se retrouve vide",
-- Oui, vide mais pas en prison.

#Tutoriel : créer des miroirs dans #OpenSim 0.9.3 avec le viewer Firestorm 7.1.9, optimisé pour utiliser les fonctionnalités PBR.

C'est le résultat de tests qui ont été faits sur une standalone, base de données Sqlite, système d'exploitation Ubuntu 22.04. Il est possible que les miroirs réagissent différemment dans d'autres conditions. Ce tutoriel est un début qui pourrait évoluer. Faites vos tests. Bonne lecture et bonne exploration !


Test des miroirs et PBR dans #OpenSim
Nouvelles fonctionnalités du simulateur.

I've just joined a six-hour Pink Floyd event, complete with the 1970s line-up of the band and three backing singers as NPCs on a stage.

Unfortunately, I can't post pictures. That is, I could, but describing even only one picture adequately would take me way longer than these six hours, and I won't post them undescribed, especially not during Disability Pride Month.

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #PinkFloyd #ImageDescription #ImageDescriptions #ImageDescriptionMeta #CWImageDescriptionMeta #DisabilityPrideMonth

https://hgsafari.blogspot.com/2024/07/rural-retreat.html a post about #lfgrid in a way. Art and he rhetoric of nostalgic recreation in #opensim

Meditative moment for me at Imagination Island. #opensim #imagination #island #art #exhibit #jerralynfranzic #meditation #peace

miroir mon beau miroir dit moi qui est le plus beau ? ..
un vieux rêve sur #opensim le miroir c est avec le nouveau #firestorm v7

les stats #opensim .

Regarding my recent #opensim post. I realize that there are other grid owners here, and their grids really are excellent too. I would like to put forward the notion. We are kind of like the chieftains of our collective world. We have a responsibility to protect our people and provide leadership in the wider community

If I may be so bold,I would like to suggest to the other grid owners to place a similar anti-bullying message on their pages. We have a diverse community, it benefits us all.

I am very happy I will have more time to devote to our virtual world.

GroovyVerse is an #opensim grid, and one of the larger ones in HG Business' top 20, and #6 in land.

Recent bullying in the #opensimulator community has made us realize that there is a need for a safe, peaceful place to call home, where LGBT people are respected,valued and loved. We will be opening our doors to new members over the coming weeks.

I'd love to hear what people's needs are, and how we can better serve you

Testing Mastodon share from my wordpress site.

GroovyVerse Railroad https://hyacinthsplace.com/groovyverse-railroad/


My friend has been advocating for quite a while, that we should be including alt text in our images, describing the scene for vision impaired readers. I am going to try to be better about doing it, and I encourage others to do so as well.

Below is a picture of our railroad in our virtual world, GroovyVerse.

#opensim #opensimulator #vr #virtualworlds #secondlife

Excited. I got PeerTube installed on one of our servers. Now I am trying to grigure out how to get hooked up to relays.


#opensim #peertube

Kawabunga Bay at GroovyVerse


nUUtopia at GroovyVerse :)


I have been hearing about the Patch Linden ageplay thing all week, and just kind of dismissed it. I finally read the article. :(

#Secondlife has been a pretty dismal experience for a long time. I have been hanging on because of friends, and a church community.

I deleted my SL account this morning. We have our own beautiful #opensim world with good people, and fun, hopeful projects. I need to concentrate on that. SL truely is a rotted shell of it's former self. Right to the core.

A quick little railway station I threw together this afternoon.

#opensim #trains

I started on a new train line. This one is not connected to the others yet. But it meanders through the adult tropical regions, then continues to the Aurora (adult fairy tale region), and then on to Asphodel, which is our Pagan oriented sim. Basically a grand tour of everything that would horrify an evangelical. lol

Just doing the math in my head, that crosses about 80 #secondlife regions. It is probably more, because it meanders a lot through the hills and forests.

#opensim #trains


GridPuppy OpenSim Directory

Random | About |

GridPuppy! - Less barking, more fun.

AquaReal - Ignis Fatuus
Art Box
Art Box - the immersive virtual art gallery where you step inside famous works of art.
Resource Respawn
Fantasy, Goth, Backdrops, Clothing and Accessories, Decor, Buildings
Auroras Realm
Medeival adult role play.
Forever Summer
Willywag Boat Launch
A great little place to hang out or launch a boat and explore the northern seas!
The Big Mamou!
A beautiful, funky shopping village and welcome area :)
Anjuna Hilltop
Lofoten, a fjord-strewn landscape in northern Norway not far from the Arctic Circle. Sailing, yachting, fishing camp, Viking museum and much more. Boats are available in the harbors or you can rez your own boat. Come, see, be amazed and have fun.
BOMBSHELL! Barbarellas Clutterfly Mall!
Nice Linda Kellie / Clutterfly stuff. LOTS of free shop space available for anyone who wants to do a legal freebie shop. The more the merrier! :)
Welcome Center, Shinobar Annex
Welcome Center of Shinobar in JOG
New York City
NYC is back, Subways running, Maceys and Ikea open, Kamikaze cab drivers everywhere.. Tourist areas safe and well policed but venture over Manhatten Bridge at your own risk. :)
Welcome Home
Here Be Pirates!
Impregnable Island Stronghold o the Clan Muckmire och aye! Terrors of the Humunga Sea Pillaging and Plunder our specialty! Keelhauling and Mainbracing available, Also quite friendly :)
Free Port
Where ancient places and ways, meet the future! A community for Pagan and other nature / earth centered spirituality.
Summervale - Forever Summer
A seasonal summer region owned by Cataplexia Numbers & the home of Sk8 Roller Skating Club, Summervale Castle, The Dive Tiki Bar & The Hacienda- Alternate Metaverse Grid alternatemetaverswe.com:8002:Summervale
Chubelz Welcome
Zombie Jungle
An island far away, but not far enough fell victim to a toxic waste spill converting people, Jungle animals and even insects into hidious brainsucking Zombies! Can you survive the Zombie Jungle!
NYC Speedway
Grab a bike and go for it!. Have Fun!
Monterey Bay
Chill, surf, relax, shop and check out the incredible builds including a (nearly finished) replica of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Many cool gifts hidden all over this gem. All are welcome.
Mare Welcome
BDSM orientiert! Ab 18+! Shopping shopping shopping!
Daydream - Adult Fantasy Romantic Playground
Welcome to Daydream - Adult Fantasy Romantic Playground! Explore Forests, Beaches, Fairielands, Dancing, Swimming, Horseback riding, Hiking! Private Adult animated spaces & cuddle spopts. Open to all! An Alternate Metaverse Grid sponsored region.
Club Studio 54
AMV Freebies Mall, Alternate Metaverse Grid
AMV Freebies Mall has a little bit of everything ! Come and take a look, oh and bring a BIG bag. We carry Mesh avies, Furniture, Shoes, DJ equipment, Party balloons, Homes, Buildings, Hair, Art, Mens wear, Ladies wear, carpets and rugs, Jewelry, Plants
Wyld Thangs Ride Park
Come be a Wyld Thang! Motocross, Skate Park, Horseback Riding, Boating, Beach, Scenic Drive and Movie Theater.
SandBox - Alternate Metaverse Grid
Public Sandbox for Alternate Metaverse Residents TAKE COPIES FREQUENTLY! OBJECTS AUTO RETURN IN 12 HOURS No Nudity - No Sex- No bullying or harassment tolerated
Oahu Hawaii
A verdant sacred valley boasting several waterfalls, rivers through canyons, deep green valleys, and tropical Botanical Garden. Horseback is the best way to enjoy this (rezzer at the entrance).

Other Hypergrid Happenings...

Hypergrid Happenings
Find the places, skip the drama. Click to open map
ALBA SEX CLUB-OSG adult 8 avs

hg.osgrid.org:80:ALBA SEX CLUB-OSG
Xenotown adult 5 avs

Valeria's Avatars 2 5 avs

hg.osgrid.org:80:Valeria's Avatars 2
Extreme Surfing adult 4 avs

hg.osgrid.org:80:Extreme Surfing
Ruritania adult 4 avs

Luscious Estates 4 avs

login.ausgridds.biz:8002:Luscious Estates
Yin Yang Town adult 4 avs

hg.osgrid.org:80:Yin Yang Town
Agora adult 4 avs

Agora  Shopping Mall , Freebies, Mesh, Complete avatars, Clothes, Hellas, Agora    Liars and pedophiles with their friends are for ever banned  
Paradise Beach Cove adult 3 avs

hg.osgrid.org:80:Paradise Beach Cove
Unbreakable Love 3 avs

hg.osgrid.org:80:Unbreakable Love
Shinobar Annex 3 avs

Welcome Center, Shinobar Annex  Welcome Center of Shinobar in JOG  
jogrid.net:8002:Shinobar Annex
Trianon Complex adult 3 avs

hg.trianon-world.com:18002:Trianon Complex
Lbsa Plaza 3 avs

Lbsa Plaza  Welcome to OSgrid.org Social lounge - Check the Users Panel in the SouthWest corner to get started, if you have any questions just shout them out.Please follow rules, this is not a brothel or nudist camp.  
hg.osgrid.org:80:Lbsa Plaza
Matahari Islands 2 avs

utopiaskyegrid.com:8002:Matahari Islands
Barefoot Dreamers Welcome 2 avs

login.barefoot-dreamers.com:8002:Barefoot Dreamers Welcome
AVW Welcome 2 avs

Avirtualworld Welcome area est.2009   Greetings & Welcome to AVW home of Bob Solo & friends. Hope to meet you , Hope your Happy, Healthy an full of Spirit.    
avirtualworld.org:8002:AVW Welcome
Kaneville Farm adult 2 avs

solaria.hopto.org:7002:Kaneville Farm
ValLands adult 2 avs

Nile Goddess  Welcome to Nile Goddess  
Green Acres 2 2 avs

hg.osgrid.org:80:Green Acres 2
Mexico Lindo adult 2 avs

El yate  Mexico Lindo  
lfgrid.com:8002:Mexico Lindo
Wongicity adult 2 avs

Nautilus Anchorage Landing adult 2 avs

hg.osgrid.org:80:Nautilus Anchorage Landing
The Pier 2 avs

gbg-world.com:8002:The Pier
Arkham Grid 2 avs

grid.arkhamgrid.org:8002:Arkham Grid
Great Plains adult 2 avs

grid.wolfterritories.org:8002:Great Plains
Soundbox adult 2 avs

Welcome Area adult 2 avs

gbg-world.com:8002:Welcome Area
Elysion adult 2 avs

Maze ofthe Mind adult 2 avs

Your Parcel    
hg.osgrid.org:80:Maze ofthe Mind
Virtualgrid adult 2 avs

A town long forgotten  Enjoy  
Hypergrid Games 2 avs

grid.avatarlife.com:8002:Hypergrid Games
Dream of Wishes2 2 avs

playground.darkheartsos.com:8002:Dream of Wishes2
ShoppingDance adult 2 avs

Gilleys Ranch 2 avs

hg.neverworldgrid.com:8002:Gilleys Ranch
AMV Welcome 2 avs

alternatemetaverse.com:8002:AMV Welcome
Winter adult 1 avs

Alanna 1 avs

One Love Beach Club adult 1 avs

Welcome Area    
hg.trianon-world.com:18002:One Love Beach Club
Samsara adult 1 avs

Miami's-Fashion 1 avs

Darkport 1 avs

Venus 1 avs

Lazarus Taxon 1 1 avs

 Lazarus Taxon 1 home  
hg.osgrid.org:80:Lazarus Taxon 1
Rays_Kingdom adult 1 avs

Isola Gregorian 1 avs

thehavengrid.outworldz.net:9002:Isola Gregorian
Almaty on OSGrid1 adult 1 avs

hg.osgrid.org:80:Almaty on OSGrid1
FLORES SeaVibes adult 1 avs

hg.osgrid.org:80:FLORES SeaVibes
Cowboy Country 1 avs

grid.kitely.com:8002:Cowboy Country
Falene 1 avs

Rosemoor 1 avs

angel oar 1 avs

craft-world.org:8002:angel oar
Brayla Sana Gallery 1 avs

grid.kitely.com:8002:Brayla Sana Gallery
Candoranien RP 1 avs

candorsrpworld.ch:8002:Candoranien RP
Cartabria adult 1 avs

Disavowed Dairy Expanded adult 1 avs

Disavowed Dairy Expanded  Hucow and pony farm  
hg.osgrid.org:80:Disavowed Dairy Expanded
Catronian Archipelago 1 avs

grid.kitely.com:8002:Catronian Archipelago
Graywolfs landing 1 avs

alternatemetaverse.com:8002:Graywolfs landing
AnKaBi Bikers Heaven adult 1 avs

ankabi.de:8002:AnKaBi Bikers Heaven
Moonlight Myst 1 avs

gentlefire.opensim.fun:8002:Moonlight Myst
Nadia's Place 1 avs

hg.osgrid.org:80:Nadia's Place
All Free Shopping Spree adult 1 avs

hg.neverworldgrid.com:8002:All Free Shopping Spree
Ancient Egypt adult 1 avs

kurtopia.ddns.net:8002:Ancient Egypt
Wolf Mountain 1 avs

Wolf Territories Welcome Mountain  Welcome to Wolf Territories Grid.  
grid.wolfterritories.org:8002:Wolf Mountain
Lovely adult 1 avs

Hermit Reality Portal adult 1 avs Reality Portal
Friends adult 1 avs

Utopia Land Portal adult 1 avs Land Portal
Fantasiaworld Portal adult 1 avs

Fantasiaworld Portal  Welcome to Fantasiaworld    Grid Security, Pass & Face control ;-D    Only human avatars, Fairy & Troll's are allowed. No animal / furry, child or hidden ava! By ignore, I'll ban without warning.    Fuchur Drago Portal
3DLES Education 1 avs

edugrid.3dles.com:8002:3DLES Education
Marine-Village 1 avs

Forgotten Worlds Portal adult 1 avs Worlds Portal
Unreal World Portal adult 1 avs World Portal
Freya's Shadow World Portal adult 1 avs

Freya's Shadow World Portal  Welcome to Freya's Shadow World Portal    Grid Security, Pass & Face control ;-D    Only human avatars, Fairy & Troll's are allowed. No animal / furry, child or hidden ava! By ignore, I'll ban without warning.    Freya Diyosa's Shadow World Portal
Secret Fantasy World Portal adult 1 avs

Secret Fantasy World Portal  Welcome to Secret Fantasy World Portal    Grid Security, Pass & Face control ;-D    Only human avatars, Fairy & Troll's are allowed. No animal / furry, child or hidden ava! By ignore, I'll ban without warning.    Azariel Atlon Fantasy World Portal
NewItalyFunny 1 avs

Store 1 avs

The Mall adult 1 avs

gbg-world.com:8002:The Mall

hg.osgrid.org:80:MAZE SANDBOX DOTNET
HQ Herederos 1 avs

HG Mainstore    
herederos.inworldz.net:8002:HQ Herederos
NewLifeWelcome 1 avs

Mare Welcome adult 1 avs

mare-grid.de:8002:Mare Welcome
VB Creations adult 1 avs

vbcreations.outworldz.net:8002:VB Creations
GermanStartArea adult 1 avs

Adult Sandbox adult 1 avs

hg.osgrid.org:80:Adult Sandbox
TierraDeVolcanes 1 avs

Zweet ZurroundingZ adult 1 avs

hg.osgrid.org:80:Zweet ZurroundingZ
Jungle Welcome 1 avs

junglefriends.opensim.fun:8002:Jungle Welcome
Sandbox Plaza III 1 avs

hg.osgrid.org:80:Sandbox Plaza III
Serenity Cabins 1 avs

hg.osgrid.org:80:Serenity Cabins
Gentle Fire Grid 1 avs

gentlefire.opensim.fun:8002:Gentle Fire Grid
Grid Racers Welcome Center 0 avs

gridracers.com:8002:Grid Racers Welcome Center
Welcome 0 avs

Coruscant 0 avs

Iceland adult 0 avs

CasaDaza adult 0 avs

ArtDestiny_Gallery 0 avs

Gavezdois 0 avs

Biker World adult 0 avs

newoffworld.de:8002:Biker World
Fluorine 0 avs