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In-world now: 5
Total Local Users: 164
Unique 30d Active Users: 516
Total Regions: 7837 (standard 256m)
Land ownership: 69% of users
Region ownership: 20% of users

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Mastodon #OpenSim feed from GroovyToot

les stats #opensim .

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #officeHours

Résumé en fr de la réunion des développeurs :

11-06-2024 :

* Ajout d'un support complet pour les terrains PBR
* Nouveaux tests unitaires avec Xunit
* Fonctionnement des recherches d'assets (SL versus OS)
* Viewers : PBR pour Dayturn et Firestorm. Nouvelle version pour Sharpview.
* Erratum patch hauteur de terrain.

* Thèmes des réunions triés par domaine :

Bonne lecture et bonne semaine OpenSim !

By the way: 3rd Rock Grid was apparently shut down two days ago, the night from 9th to 10th at midnight, almost four weeks after the announced shutdown date.

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #3rdRockGrid

@juno_rowland ... Ich wollte mal virtuell einen weiblichen Anime-Charackter Cosplayen und war auf der Suche nach einem langen bis zu den Knöcheln fallenden Faltenrock. Ich habe ewig gesucht und bei diesem dann Gefundenen habe ich dann auch die Schwierigkeiten in der Animation für manche Positionen erkannt. Aber man kann es nach einer gewissen Zeit im Alltag gut händeln. :-)

#opensim #secondlife

Version 2 of the Mardyke Fort. Note that it would have been disused by the time the New Quay was built. As it stands it might have done a decent job guarding the river but its squareness isn't doing it any favours beyond that. Tempted to go hexagonal or round but I'm not sure that would help.

I haven't checked interlocking fields of fire etc but having four cannon per side would have helped with the fact that they'd ultimately overheat if fired more than once every 10 minutes or so.


At least @Jupiter Rowland and I managed to find out halfway in time about the 3rd Wind introduction event that happened over the last weekend. We joined in on Sunday for some five hours of music and tours. We've seen places that would really be a loss if they had to perish along with 3rd Rock Grid, especially the science-fiction-themed sims.

Good thing I've brought a bag with extra beachwear plus my bunny accessories because there's also a club where wearing them is at least recommended.

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #3rdRockGrid #3rdWind #ZetaWorlds

@stefan (シュテファン) Bei uns scheint das Ziel von beinahe jedem weiblichen Avatar mit Meshbody zu sein, möglichst sexy daherzukommen.

Superkurze Röckchen und Kleidchen dominieren sowohl die Avatare selbst als auch die Freebie-Sims, und das versucht heutzutage niemand mehr, mit Schwierigkeiten beim Rigging zu rechtfertigen. Lange Hosen sind nicht nur fast ausnahmslos hautenge Jeans, sondern sie werden fast ausnahmslos bauchfrei getragen. Überhaupt scheint kaum jemand Oberteile zu tragen, die nicht bauchfrei sind. Sogar die meisten Weihnachtsoutfits sind entweder bauchfrei oder Kleidchen.

Dazu sind gefühlte 98% aller Schuhe, die ihren Weg aus SL hierher gefunden haben, für die hohe Fußposition, und davon wiederum haben die allermeisten Stilettoabsätze, und 90% der weiblichen Avatare haben die Fußposition permanent auf hoch gestellt. Der Anteil von Plateauschuhen wird immer größer, und der Trend geht zu 15-cm-Sohlen mit 30-cm-Absätzen. Und wenn man sich die "Beute" der letzten Jahre ansieht, ist alles, was nicht Stiefel ist, Sandale.

Natürlich wird behauptet, das kann man immer und überall tragen. Dann sieht man jede Menge nackte Haut auf Weihnachtssims mit Schnee und Eis ebenso wie monströse Plateauschuhe an tropischen Sandstränden.

Irgendwie ist es auch verrückt. Ich trage überhaupt nichts, was aus SL geklaut wurde, allenfalls Meshes, die Damien Fate vor vielen Jahren der OpenSim-Community kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt hat. Für meinen Body gibt es an genau dafür gemachter Kleidung genau einen langen Rock.

Und trotzdem kann ich mich allem Anschein nach vielseitiger und passender kleiden als die zahllosen Avatare, an denen alles geklaut ist.

Vielleicht liegt das auch daran, daß ich bei Unterwäsche, Lingerie, Badesachen, Strumpfwaren und den meisten anderen hautengen Sachen auf Layerkleidung angewiesen bin und daher damit keine Berührungsängste habe. Und so bin ich einer von nicht einmal einem Dutzend weiblichen Avataren in OpenSim, die auch mal Strumpfhosen tragen.

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #SecondLife #Metaverse #VirtuelleWelten

@juno_rowland Ja du hast recht. Ist recht selten in der vr und manchmal fühlen sich meine Avi’s auch recht oft overdressed. Aber dabei heißt es doch, dass Kleider Leute machen. 👍🤣 #secondlife #opensim

Regarding my recent #opensim post. I realize that there are other grid owners here, and their grids really are excellent too. I would like to put forward the notion. We are kind of like the chieftains of our collective world. We have a responsibility to protect our people and provide leadership in the wider community

If I may be so bold,I would like to suggest to the other grid owners to place a similar anti-bullying message on their pages. We have a diverse community, it benefits us all.

I am very happy I will have more time to devote to our virtual world.

GroovyVerse is an #opensim grid, and one of the larger ones in HG Business' top 20, and #6 in land.

Recent bullying in the #opensimulator community has made us realize that there is a need for a safe, peaceful place to call home, where LGBT people are respected,valued and loved. We will be opening our doors to new members over the coming weeks.

I'd love to hear what people's needs are, and how we can better serve you

Still fiddling with the lower end of Chapel Street, all very rough.

The grey structure was the Mardyke fort built as the river end of the mudwall defence system during to the Civil War. A converted salt-house, it probably blocked access to Moore's so-called New Quay such that in the early 1670s he asked for entries, I'm guessing to allow traffic from the quay to exit. During the war there were probably gates across the street.

The jetty is for the ferry, likely a large rowboat.


Did a little work on the Irvine-inspired build of late C17 Liverpool by terraforming and texturing Chapel Street. #OpenSim

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #officeHours

Résumé en fr de la réunion des développeurs :

04-06-2024 :'eau

* Nouvelle fonction de script OSSL : osTemperatureToLinearColor()
* Viewer Sharpview : nouvelles implémentations, nouvelle version.
* Problème de hauteur de l'eau pour les simulations sous-marines.

* Thèmes des réunions triés par domaine :

Bonne lecture et bonne semaine OpenSim !

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #officeHours

Résumé en fr de la réunion des développeurs :

28-05-2024 :

*Moteurs de scripts et Appdomains
* Base de données : migrations, PostgreSQL
* Bug de baignoire
* Moteur physique : BepuPhysics
* Tutoriel Outworldz
* Firestorm viewer : contrainte de caméra (patch) , traitement des noms de région.

* Thèmes des réunions triés par domaine :

Bonne lecture et bonne semaine OpenSim !

Testing Mastodon share from my wordpress site.

GroovyVerse Railroad


My friend has been advocating for quite a while, that we should be including alt text in our images, describing the scene for vision impaired readers. I am going to try to be better about doing it, and I encourage others to do so as well.

Below is a picture of our railroad in our virtual world, GroovyVerse.

#opensim #opensimulator #vr #virtualworlds #secondlife

Excited. I got PeerTube installed on one of our servers. Now I am trying to grigure out how to get hooked up to relays.

#opensim #peertube

Kawabunga Bay at GroovyVerse


nUUtopia at GroovyVerse :)


I have been hearing about the Patch Linden ageplay thing all week, and just kind of dismissed it. I finally read the article. :(

#Secondlife has been a pretty dismal experience for a long time. I have been hanging on because of friends, and a church community.

I deleted my SL account this morning. We have our own beautiful #opensim world with good people, and fun, hopeful projects. I need to concentrate on that. SL truely is a rotted shell of it's former self. Right to the core.


GridPuppy OpenSim Directory

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GridPuppy! - Less barking, more fun.

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Fantasy, Goth, Backdrops, Clothing and Accessories, Decor, Buildings
Anjuna Hilltop
Meridian S
Meridian-the lines connecting mankind with the Sea. A Mer & Undersea RP community accessible to all. Meridian spans an area of 9 5x5 central regions with 16 surrounding 5x5 regions - 345 meters deep (1000 ft)Alternate Metaverse Grid. Home to Club Neptune
Where ancient places and ways, meet the future! A community for Pagan and other nature / earth centered spirituality.
Luscious Adult Resort
ADULT Beach Resort - Nudity or swimwear suggested. A fun place to hang out and explore. Try our our new, experimental surfing! Lots of places to cuddle and shag. Perpetually under construction. No child avatars please.
Daydream - Adult Fantasy Romantic Playground
Welcome to Daydream - Adult Fantasy Romantic Playground! Explore Forests, Beaches, Fairielands, Dancing, Swimming, Horseback riding, Hiking! Private Adult animated spaces & cuddle spopts. Open to all! An Alternate Metaverse Grid sponsored region.
Old World Mall
Old World Flavors, Fantasy & Roleplay clothing, Food, furnishings, abd buildings, Medieval & Fantasy, Elven, Fae, Human treasures! Alternate Metaverse Grid World Mall
Lofoten, a fjord-strewn landscape in northern Norway not far from the Arctic Circle. Sailing, yachting, fishing camp, Viking museum and much more. Boats are available in the harbors or you can rez your own boat. Come, see, be amazed and have fun.
Willywag Boat Launch
A great little place to hang out or launch a boat and explore the northern seas!
Mare Welcome
BDSM orientiert! Ab 18+! Shopping shopping shopping!
Black Rock Desert
The Black Rock Desert Nevada USA.
Illusions- Where dreams become reality!! Boating, swimming, surfing,fishing, scuba diving, hang gliding, flying, rentals, beaches, game room, movies, spa, clubs and night life, and dont forget FUN!!! Come get lost in Illusions!
Art Box
Art Box - the immersive virtual art gallery where you step inside famous works of art.
Monterey Bay
Chill, surf, relax, shop and check out the incredible builds including a (nearly finished) replica of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Many cool gifts hidden all over this gem. All are welcome.
A little bit of everything, sofa, chair, table, dining, fireplace, lights, lamp, patio, bathroom, living room, dining, bar, gorean, bed, dresser, bedroom, *guide*
New York City
NYC is back, Subways running, Maceys and Ikea open, Kamikaze cab drivers everywhere.. Tourist areas safe and well policed but venture over Manhatten Bridge at your own risk. :)
Meridian Outlands S2
Meridian Airport - A 5x5 Region Bordering Meridian and connecting it to the Main Grid Meridian -Deep seas - Alternate Metaverse Grid
Ley Line
Am More focused on building objects in my region so its kind of empty in a way or full of spaces. I can only relax and be inspired in empty spaces. Yet am always developing new ideas so things might change at any given moment however with the same style.
Auroras Realm
Medeival adult role play.
Free Park
Miles of beach, Adult spa, Art gallery,Air & Sea port, Horses & trails, ATVs, Sailing, deserted islands, & a few hot tubs. Bring your Sexy! Explore, Dance, Enjoy! . Clothing optional fuck yer burn! Free Park is based on Baker Beach in SF.
Spooky City
Tryads Kunstaustellung. An urban styled sim with an Art gallery Please put your windlight settings to midnight for a better experience
Welcome Center, Shinobar Annex
Welcome Center of Shinobar in JOG
Welcome Home
AMV News
AMV News - Alternate Metaverse Grid Zine
Advantis Freebie Cyberpunk Scifi City
Advantis Free Shopping City , Scifi - Cyber-punk Shopping area and Fun Beaches
AMV Welcome
Welcome Area, Lounge & Starting Point for Alternate Metaverse Grid. A warm friendly Adult grid with open waters and Air, Copy your own OAR from website, low cost land packages, Regional God powers, Self restarts from web
Free Port
Aurora II Luxury Liner, SevenSeas
SevenSeas is the home of the luxury Cruise Ship Aurora II, a world class luxury liner featuring rentable cabins, Multiple shops, dining areas, club, ballroom, game room, theater, gardens & more!
SandBox - Alternate Metaverse Grid
Public Sandbox for Alternate Metaverse Residents TAKE COPIES FREQUENTLY! OBJECTS AUTO RETURN IN 12 HOURS No Nudity - No Sex- No bullying or harassment tolerated

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Hypergrid Happenings
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Wolf Fest 10 avs Fest
Diligence 8 avs

~Club One Harbor~   Welcome to Club One Harbor!Come on in and dance the night away or play on the Greedy table, in this family friendly location. All in an inviting atmosphere.When there's no DJ we're streaming, the play list of the late Avalonea Lightstar!
Wyldwood Bayou Rockin' The Blues 6 avs Bayou Rockin' The Blues
Abyss adult 6 avs
The Rendezvous adult 5 avs Rendezvous
NYSA adult 5 avs
Cloudpunk adult 4 avs
Trianon Complex adult 4 avs Complex
Dreamland Seas adult 4 avs Seas
Parx Paradise adult 3 avs Paradise
Extreme Surfing adult 3 avs Surfing
Shinobar Annex 3 avs

Welcome Center, Shinobar Annex  Welcome Center of Shinobar in JOG Annex
Lbsa Plaza 3 avs

Lbsa Plaza  Welcome to Social lounge - Check the Users Panel in the SouthWest corner to get started, if you have any questions just shout them out.Please follow rules, this is not a brothel or nudist camp. Plaza
Paradise Island 2 avs Island
Speakeasy adult 2 avs
Welcome - Fire And Ice Grid 2 avs - Fire And Ice Grid
Pont Aeri 2 avs Aeri
Welcome-PataGrid 2 avs
Black Rock Desert adult 2 avs Rock Desert
The Mall adult 2 avs Mall
Nautilus Salty Surfers Isle adult 2 avs Salty Surfers Isle
Great Plains adult 2 avs Plains
Aruba 2 avs

Aruba Free Housing  1000 prim allowance; unlimited stay.    Click on an available Free Housing sign or Free Parcel sign AND click Yes. Joe Dokes will contact you within 36 hours to complete your processing.  Joe Dokes, Aruba landlord    Free rental house housing land tenant
Aruba 2 avs

Aruba Free Housing  1000 prim allowance; unlimited stay.    Click on an available Free Housing sign or Free Parcel sign AND click Yes. Joe Dokes will contact you within 36 hours to complete your processing.  Joe Dokes, Aruba landlord    Free rental house housing land tenant
Gilleys Ranch 2 avs Ranch
Wizardry 2 avs
Welcome Area adult 2 avs Area
Virtualgrid adult 2 avs

A town long forgotten  Enjoy
Amoa Nude Beach Swingers Resort adult 2 avs

Amoa Nude Beach Swinger Resort  A public ADULTS ONLY high quality nude beach and swinger resort for you to enjoy. Human and Nude Only. High complexity level and. Coastal Afternoon windlight recommended. Experience Nude Samoa! Nude Beach Swingers Resort
ShoppingDance adult 2 avs
Event Plaza 2 avs Plaza
Darkport 1 avs
Las Terrenas 1 avs Terrenas
Shopping 1 avs
Fun Park 1 avs Park
Zongbi 1 avs
CyberGoth adult 1 avs
CMFreedom 1 avs
Second Life Rejects 1 avs Life Rejects
Plymouth Crucible 1 avs Crucible
We Don't Throw Sand 1 avs Don't Throw Sand
Namaste adult 1 avs
OSGrid Destinations 1 avs Destinations
The-Mountain adult 1 avs
Port Elysium adult 1 avs Elysium
Nefertari Beach Resort adult 1 avs Beach Resort
Tropicana Phoenix adult 1 avs Phoenix
Chubelz_Welcome 1 avs
Pfalz adult 1 avs
Pfalz 1 avs
Savage Forest adult 1 avs Forest
Safe adult 1 avs
Sandbox 1 avs
Sunvibes 1 avs
Dream of Wishes 1 avs of Wishes
Hidden Oasis 1 avs Oasis
Soundbox adult 1 avs
Wright Plaza 1 avs Plaza
Acacia adult 1 avs
Treasure Trail Dude Ranch adult 1 avs

Treasure Trail Dude Ranch  Welcome to Treasure Trail Dude Ranch. Come explore the horse riding trails that lead to the Deperado's Saloon & Dance Hall that has Line Dancing.You will discover a few homes tucked away to call home.There is also a trail leading to a Native American Area Trail Dude Ranch
Lawrence Bay 1 avs

Lawrence Bay Bay
Hermit Reality Portal adult 1 avs Reality Portal
Forgotten Worlds Portal adult 1 avs Worlds Portal
Utopia Land Portal adult 1 avs Land Portal
Secret Fantasy World Portal adult 1 avs

Secret Fantasy World Portal  Welcome to Secret Fantasy World Portal    Grid Security, Pass & Face control ;-D    Only human avatars, Fairy & Troll's are allowed. No animal / furry, child or hidden ava! By ignore, I'll ban without warning.    Azariel Atlon Fantasy World Portal
Marine-Village 1 avs
Peter Pan 1 avs Pan
Fantasiaworld Portal adult 1 avs

Fantasiaworld Portal  Welcome to Fantasiaworld    Grid Security, Pass & Face control ;-D    Only human avatars, Fairy & Troll's are allowed. No animal / furry, child or hidden ava! By ignore, I'll ban without warning.    Fuchur Drago Portal
Freya's Shadow World Portal adult 1 avs

Freya's Shadow World Portal  Welcome to Freya's Shadow World Portal    Grid Security, Pass & Face control ;-D    Only human avatars, Fairy & Troll's are allowed. No animal / furry, child or hidden ava! By ignore, I'll ban without warning.    Freya Diyosa's Shadow World Portal
Azores adult 1 avs
Unreal World Portal adult 1 avs World Portal
3DLES Education 1 avs Education
Sandbox Neovo 1 avs Neovo
NewItalyFunny 1 avs
babylonia adult 1 avs
50 sfumature di grigio adult 1 avs sfumature di grigio
GOR Sardar Fair adult 1 avs

Gor Sardar Fair Sardar Fair
Mare Welcome adult 1 avs Welcome
Anubis adult 1 avs
ValLands adult 1 avs

Nile Goddess  Welcome to Nile Goddess
Jungle Welcome 1 avs Welcome
VB Creations adult 1 avs Creations
Nautilus Anchorage Landing adult 1 avs Anchorage Landing
Gilley's adult 1 avs's
Adult Sandbox adult 1 avs Sandbox
Ana's Gothic Love adult 1 avs's Gothic Love
Zweet ZurroundingZ adult 1 avs ZurroundingZ
The Almost Islands 1 avs Almost Islands
The Pier 1 avs Pier
NewLifeWelcome 1 avs
Little Big City Shopping Mall adult 1 avs Big City Shopping Mall
Gentle Fire Grid 1 avs Fire Grid
AFKSEXFREE2 adult 1 avs
Agora adult 1 avs

Agora  Shopping Mall , Freebies, Mesh, Complete avatars, Clothes, Hellas, Agora    Liars and pedophiles with their friends are for ever banned
Paradise Beach Cove adult 1 avs Beach Cove
Germany 0 avs
Mundo Encantado adult 0 avs Encantado
Nal Hutta 0 avs Hutta
Vivis Fun 0 avs Fun